cas|u|al «KAZH u uhl», adjective, noun.
1. happening by chance; not planned or expected; accidental: »

Our long friendship began with a casual meeting at a party.

2. without plan or method; careless: »

a casual answer. I didn't read the newspaper but gave it only a casual glance. She kissed him perfunctorily on the forehead and he gave her hand a casual caress (Graham Greene).

3. uncertain; indefinite; indifferent; vague: »

Not for a casual period but for a complete lifetime (George Grote).

4. a) informal in manner; offhand: »

casual manners. Some people took his casual behavior for rudeness. American sportswear designers know how to design for up-to-date, casual living (New York Times).

b) designed for informal wear: »

We dressed in casual clothes for the picnic.

c) not to be depended on or considered seriously; unmethodical; haphazard: »

He does his work in much too casual a manner.

5. a) occasional or irregular: »

He employs casual labor on his farm and then only at harvest time.

b) British. of or denoting persons receiving occasional work or public aid from a place in which they do not permanently reside: »

the casual poor.

6. of or resulting from accidents: »

a casual patient. I pointed out that the causes of illnesses are multiple and that a useful diagnosis should take casual factors into account (Sunday Times).

7. Obsolete. uncertain; precarious.
1. a) a casual laborer: »

The Waterfront Commission has done much to eliminate waterfront casuals who in the past have absorbed much of the waterfront income (New York Times).

b) British. a person occasionally receiving public aid.
2. a soldier awaiting orders, transportation, or the like, at a post or in a unit to which he is not attached or assigned.
3. a casual dress, shoe, or other piece of informal clothing.
4. Biology. a plant or animal found outside its native habitat.
[< Latin cāsuālis < cāsus chance; see etym. under case1 (]
cas´u|al|ly, adverb.
cas´u|al|ness, noun.

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